Technology has a greater impact and transformed ‘ARCHITECTS’ and ‘ARCHITECTURE’ to the higher level. Whether you are in field, office, college, site or working from home all you need is these apps .

“Choosing a right technology and apps may enrich your knowledge and strength which can give an additional confidence to pursue more in your profession”….


Best for: Inspiring buildings, concept ideas and explore knowledge.

Available: On web

Review: This platform helps users to discover, share and explore their ideas.

Designs can be incorporated on users’ websites, proposals, social media profiles, and paid ads to attract new business and showcase expertise.


Awarded “Best App,” Trace is the designers’ and architects’ dream software. Trace combines the beauty and speed of sketching with the intelligence and precision of CAD.

Best for: Sketching, CAD and interactive presentations

Available: iOS

Review: This platform is for sketching and drawing app for architects that allows users to draw on top of maps, photos, images, and other documents.

Users can collaborate with in-app markup tools, and enhance hand drawing with AR, VR, and in-app intelligence.

Designer Drawing Tools

Beautiful pens, perfect layer controls and smart rulers.

Custom Stencils

Make your own entourage, landscape, graphics and more.

Smart Fill

Calculate areas and fill while you draw.

AR Sketch walk

Jump into and walk around your drawings with others.

Drag’n’Fly 3D Viewer

Drag in a 3D model and auto set perspective grids

Instant Scale

Use any two points to set a scale in imperial or metric units

AR Perspective Finder

Set true vanishing points and grids to draw over.

Custom Palette Maker

Generate your own perfect color sets for every project

Killer Brushes, Pencils and Pens

Adjust line weight & opacity like a pro.

Apple Pencil Perfect

Optimized to get the most from your Apple Pencil.

Trace for iPhone

Change the way you do CA.

Price/ Trial: Free with in-app purchases


For windows
For mac

Best for: Sketch Book is sketching, painting, and illustration software for all platforms and devices. With professional-grade drawing tools in a beautiful interface.

Sketchbook (@sketchbookapp) | Twitter

Available: Mac and Windows & iPhone and Android

Reviews: This is the best app that quickly capture your ideas on a piece of paper and transform them into a final piece of art, thus Sketchbook is the ideal choice.

Price/ Trial: Both the Windows and mac OS editions of Sketchbook Pro now cost $19.99:

For Android


Best for: Measuring& Sketching, Estimating and reporting.

Available: IOS, Android

Reviews: With magicplan, your company will be working more efficiently on site and instantly have access to all crucial data. Having an easy-to-use mobile solution to sketch, report, and estimate will empower your employees to get work done anywhere. We built magic plan to make your life easier and put money back in your pocket.

Price/ Trial:

Share Project Data

Access all projects through the magicplan Cloud, generate high-quality PDF reports, or create a shareable project page for your partners and clients.

All Data In Context

Structured data is the foundation of an efficient workflow – this is what makes magicplan unique. All data collected by your team is automatically structured, providing full contextual understanding.


Best for: For floor plans with accurate reports

Available: IOS

Reviews: It’s the only app with three great ways to get a floor plan. Touch the walls, use the camera or draw it yourself. Each mode can be combined with a Bluetooth laser measure for enhanced accuracy.

Price/ Trial: Free for limited version and $8.49 per year for full version


Best for: Measuring and land surveying

Available: IOS and Android

Reviews: It is an instrument used in surveying to compute the area of any given plan. Planimeter only needs plan drawn on the sheet to calculate area.

It can measure anything visible on the satellite map, like lawns, fences, farm, road etc

For android
Planimeter — Measure Land Area on the App Store
For ios


Best for: On site designs and presentation

Available: IOS, Android, Desktop

Take it anywhere.  Run BIMx on any mobile device without special hardware.  Make design decisions and update your building model on the go — there’s no need to head back to the office

Reviews: BIMx is a presentation tool that allows users to share and explore 2D plans and 3D models with clients, contractors, and other stakeholders.

Price/ Trial: $49.99 for BIMx Pro

Which app you are going to try? Comment below!

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